Single Parent helpful tips

  1. How to start a single parent support group

Begin by making a list of all the single parents you know or have heard about. Once you have your list of people, begin contacting them individually to ask about whether they would like to participate in the new support group you’re trying to start. Also ask individuals who are interestedin the group to spread the word about the new group to all the people they know.
You then need to think about where to hold the meetings, You might start out by meeting at a local coffee shop or at someone’s house.
Next you need an agenda about what your going to discuss and last thing to do is to enjoy your new found friends and support group.

Where can I get child maintenance information and support?

The main source of information is Child Maintenance Options (CMO). It gives free information and support and is there to help both parents, as well as guardians, relatives and anyone concerned about a child or separated family.
You can contact CMO on 0800 988 0988 (free from a landline) or visit


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